July 13, 2024

Welcome to Surgery Center Resources

This website is a service of Continuum Healthcare Consultants, Inc. The goal of the site is to provide an online resource center for surgery center staff. The site offers:

  • Access to current industry news and events, educational articles, sample policies and forms, as well as links to professional organizations, credentialing and regulatory resources, and accreditation organizations.
  • Benchmarking – Two benchmarking surveys are offered each quarter. One survey focuses on quality indicators aligned with CMS reporting; the second is specific to hand hygiene compliance.
  • Blog Posting – Will allow subscribers to communicate with colleagues/peers in the surgery center environment, giving real world comments.
Thank you for subscribing to the site. We encourage you to actively use the site resources offered. Please feel free to make any suggestions about additional resources that we can provide to benefit your practice in the ASC.